Criminal Investigations Section, Youth Services Unit, Property and Evidence, Internal Affairs 

The Criminal Investigation Section of the Bergen County Police Department has maintained its continuing goal of providing professional, proactive law enforcement assistance to the various entities of Bergen County government. Additionally, basic police duties are provided, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct necessary follow-up investigations of incidents generated from the Patrol Division and other sources. Examples would include confirmed and suspected criminal activity, fatal and serious motor vehicle accidents, and being the investigative agency of record when the offense is multi-jurisdictional in nature.
  • Receive, process, secure, maintain accountability of, and dispose of all evidence and property in accordance with existing court rules.
  • Work cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies as needed.
  • Process arrested persons, complete necessary legal documents and prepare resultant case file for presentation to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Upon request, conduct background investigations of those persons applying for employment with the County of Bergen.
  • Provide the County with a full service resource to address criminal activity.
  • Conducting internal affairs investigations involving department employees.

As part of the previously mentioned commitment to providing a proactive, crime preventative approach to law enforcement, the Section conducts on site security analysis for both the Vocational and Special Services School Districts, the Juvenile Detention Center Complex, and the CAP program Family Shelter. The Criminal Investigation Section enjoys the challenge of providing the aforementioned services to a diverse clientele. The fundamental premise that is essential to good government is the need to function free of criminal element is pursued within the context of protecting the rights of fellow County employees and the general citizenry. The goals for the future are:

  • To increase the level of our crime prevention expertise through additional training and practicum and then to actively solicit persons and entities to avail themselves of this service.
  • To continue to pursue new ways to benefit from the potential of our relatively new computer system.
  • To actively seek out opportunities and resources that will increase our level of professionalism.