The Communications Section of the Bergen County Police is responsible for all facets of radio communications for each of the County's departments and divisions.  Since the early 1930's when the county received their first radio station license (WPFK) to operate a police radio system on the AM radio band, the County Police have continued to provide both dispatch and radio repair services.  As time progressed, the size and complexity of both the radio systems and the responsibilities of the Communications Section have grown.

To aid in understanding, listed below are the various areas and the functions performed within each:

Dispatch Services

·         County Law Enforcement Agencies (County Police, Prosecutor) 

·         County Public Works (Operations, Health, Mosquito Commission, Garage and Parks) 

·         Special Transportation 

·         Statewide Police Emergency Network (SPEN) 

·         Ridgefield Police, Fire & EMS Services 

·         Demarest Police, Fire & EMS Services 

·         Alpine Police, Fire & EMS Services,

·         Closter Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Harrington Park Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Haworth Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Northvale Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Norwood Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Rockleigh Fire

·         Lodi Police, Fire and EMS Services

·         Leonia Police Fire and EMS Services

·         Bergen County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 

·         Bergen County Hazmat

·         Bergen County Animal Control

·         Bergen County Fire and EMS Mutual Aid Coordinators 

·         Bergen County Security Department

·         Back-Up fire dispatch (New Milford, River Edge, Dumont, Bergenfield, Rutherford and Wood-Ridge) 

9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

·         County Facilities 

·         Answered 89,273 9-1-1 calls in 2012 

·         Primary Answering Point for 20 Municipalities   

·         Back-Up for all other answering points in Bergen County

Other Responsibilities

·         Bergen County Traffic Incident Plan - Notification Point 

·         Rapid Deployment Force Notification Point 

·         Passaic River Flood Warning System Monitoring Point 

·         Hazardous Materials Notification Point

·         Notification and contact point for NJ Search and Rescue 



Radio Maintenance Shop

The Radio Maintenance Shop is responsible for the county P25 trunked radio system, conventional radio systems, and other telecom systems for the County of Bergen. This includes day to day maintenance, installation and inventory of site equipment at the communications centers and numerous remote transmitter sites, generators, towers, base stations, mobile and portables radios.  

Maintenance of Equipment

·         Generators (Headquarters, Radio sites and Command Vehicles) 

·         Radio/Telephone logging recorder 

·         Avaya Headquarters phone system 

·         Micro Wave system

·         20 radio tie lines

Services Provided

Bergen County Communications routinely provides a wide range of communications services for law enforcement, fire, EMS and other agencies in county and local government.

The following EMERGENCY services are available to all area public safety agencies at all times:

·         Command Post Operations
(a command post vehicle, staffed with experienced operators and equipped with most of the  public safety radio frequencies used in our area, telephones, a tactical repeater and a supply of portable radios, is available to all municipalities) 

·         Back-up telephone answering point for municipal public safety agencies during telephone service failures. 

·         Direct two-way radio links with Rockland County, NY Police and Sheriff Departments 

·         Direct two-way radio links with Hudson County fire departments and the Paterson Fire Department. 

·         Emergency Restoration of all communications services for all public safety agencies. 

The following NON-EMERGENCY services are available to all area public safety agencies:

·         Traffic and road condition reports through Transcom 

·         Foreign translator service 

·         FAX message center 

Who to call?

Call the Bergen County Communications Center at: (201) 785-8500