The Bergen County Police Department was formed and has served the County since 1917. Since its inception it has evolved to meet the ever changing challenges of a growing and dynamic county. The Operations Section, which is the largest unit in the agency, is the longest serving and most visible public safety presence of the agency.

Persons assigned to this section are not only first responders to members of the public in need, they are immediately available to support Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement agencies in Bergen and contiguous jurisdictions. Further, its members provide additional service by staffing the many special operations units of the department.

Officers assigned to the Operations Section are headquartered in Hackensack, but serve throughout the county twenty-four hours a day; every day of the year. That service is determined by a selection process governed by the New Jersey Department of Personnel. Successful candidates must then complete both a certified Police Training Commission course of instruction at a Police Academy and an extensive departmental Field Training Program prior to serving the public.

Building upon its history as the first department in the County to have two way radio communications, today’s County Police Officers utilize state of the art technology to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. Computers, two way radios with multiple frequencies and mobile video cameras enhance and support their efforts and safety on a daily basis. This and additional innovations help form a network bringing closer together not only the other county law enforcement agencies but those of the municipalities as well.

Officers assigned to this section strive to utilize all the resources provided them by the governing body in a responsible manner; to help achieve the mutual goals of safety and justice in a community we all share and can enjoy.