The Bergen County Police Department Bomb Squad has been serving the citizens of Bergen County since 1975 in response to an increasing number of explosive threats and devices in the County. The first squad members received their training from the International Chiefs of Police Association and the United States Army in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Squad responded to an average of 40 to 60 calls per year during its initial years. Over the years the expertise and staffing have grown in order to keep up with the ever increasing number of calls and sophistication of bombs and bombers.

The Bergen County Police Department Bomb Squad currently consists of bomb technicians and K-9 handlers. The bomb squad performs numerous services throughout Bergen County. Since 1990, requests for service have increased on average 10 to 15 percent per year. In 2006, the Bomb Squad responded to well over 300 incidents.

Requests for services range from actual or suspected improvised explosive devices, to removal and destruction of military ordnance, explosive chemicals and fireworks. Additionally the bomb squad assists in providing protection for visiting dignitaries, such as President Bush, former Presidents Clinton, Bush, Sr., and others from countries around the world.

Currently, Bomb Technicians attend the only Bomb Technician training course offered in the Country. The training is provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at a minimal cost, (lodging, food and salary). This training is a month long intensive program, which covers basic electronics on up to advanced devices. Technicians are trained in the latest, "Render Safe" procedures and equipment. Free updated training is also provided by the F.B.I. on a biannual basis. All technicians are certified for hazardous materials and radiological response.

The Bomb Squad has developed a reputation as a professional and well respected unit. Not only does the unit assist all law enforcement agencies within the County, the unit is also routinely requested by the F.B.I., the A.T.F, the Secret Service, the Department of State, as well as other agencies for assistance. The Bomb Squad provides a valuable and cost-effective service to the citizens and business community of Bergen County.

Along with the squad's other duties, members also have provided training and expert assistance to the County's numerous corporations, as well as with County and local schools and colleges, government offices, fire departments, ambulance corps, and police. The Bergen County Police Bomb Squad is the only agency in the county, authorized and trained by the F.B.I. to exist as a bomb squad.  

In the post 9/11 world – a task force of all 10 squads in the state are part of a bomb squad task force.  This task force assures that continuing training and equipping of the squads is consistent with the National Incident Management System and serves as a mechanism for mutual aid and continuing quality improvement.


The bomb squad will safely remove and dispose of all explosives and hazardous devices, including:

* Bombs
* Suspected Bombers
* Military Ordinance
* Explosive Chemicals
* Hazardous Devices
* Commercial Explosives
* Deteriorating (unstable) Explosives
* Fireworks
* Criminal Radiological Incidents

The following services are also available through the bomb squad. Explosive-detecting canines are available for all relevant situations:

* Bomb Threat Searches
* VIP and Dignitary Protection (relative to explosives)
* Warrant Executions related to Explosives (Drug labs, booby traps, known bombers, terrorists
* Post-blast investigations (collecting and preserving evidence, expert testimony, etc.)
* Bomb threat response planning for industry and schools